Water Distributor Automatic
    Let it flow – automatic and in a row! In up to 6 areas in the garden.

    For automatic control of up to six watering accessories. This intelligent solution is ideal when the available water quantity is insufficient for simultaneous supply of all watering accessories. Practical: the Water Distributor can be flexibly adjusted to the conditions in your garden. That means you can water only two areas or up to six, the non-required water outlets are simply deactivated using the setting lever. In combination with a GARDENA Water Computer MasterControl (Art. No. 1864), the GARDENA Water Distributor ensures that up to six different areas in your garden are automatically irrigated one after the other. For example, you can water the lawn with a sprinkler, then potted plants, beds, hedges and flower boxes with a drip irrigation system. As per the Water Computer program, the water outlets will automatically open, one after the other. As the various plants in your garden need different amounts of water, the watering duration can also be individually set based on the programming on the Water Computer. The Water Distributor transports the desired quantity to the right place. Simply mount the Water Distributor on the side of the house or on the ground it is secured on a ground plate and can be removed at any time. As all water outlets are placed in one direction, the device takes up very little space. It is equipped with 26.5 mm (G ¾) male threads and is supplied with five Tap Connectors (Art. No. 901) and three end caps.

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