Water Timer T 1030 card
    Quickly programmed – totally easy and child-safe

    The comfort model GARDENA Water Timer T 1030 card is attached to the tap and controls the automatic irrigation of your garden, e.g. sprinklers or a drip irrigation system like the Micro-Drip-System. The special feature: it also operates without water pressure, as of an operating pressure of 0 bar, ideal e.g. for rainwater tanks. The programming of the watering times is easy: the desired data is simply set on a programming card with slots. When the card is entered, the data is registered and irrigation is carried out accordingly. Daily, up to three watering intervals with a duration each of 1 minute to 180 minutes can be selected. After programming, the card can be separately stored, child-safe. If desired, a GARDENA Rain- or Soil Moisture Sensor can be connected for water-saving operation. For operation of the GARDENA Water Timer T 1030 card, four 1.5 V alkaline batteries are required (not included). This ensures secure operation for about one year. A weak battery level is indicated. For taps with 26.5mm (G 3/4) and 33.3mm (G1) thread. Operating pressure 0.5 - 12 bar.

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    Technical specifications

    Watering cycles per day 3
    Watering duration 0h 1min - 3h 0min
    Watering frequency ever 8, 12, 24 hours, every 2nd, 3rd or 7th day
    Sensor connection Yes
    Energy supply 4 x 1.5 V alkaline batteries LR6-AA (not included)
    Thread For taps with 26.5 mm (G 3/4) and 33.3 mm (G1) thread
    Operating pressure 0-174.05 psi / 0-12 bar

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