GARDENA Classic Spray Wand
For gentle watering with distance - now frost-proof

With the GARDENA Classic Spray Wand, the garden can be gently and precisely watered. The flow rate can be infinitely adjusted or completely switched off. In this way, you can adjust the flow rate to the requirements of the plants. Practical: watering can be done by manually pressing the handle or by locking. This renders spraying tire-free. With an innovative and integrated technology to protect against frost. Soft plastic ring on the head to protect from damage. The Classic Spray Wand has a length of 75 cm. This is particularly practical for larger areas, e.g. flower- or vegetable beds, as you can conveniently control the spray jet even for the middle of the bed from a standing position on the edge.

Technical specifications

Use Ideal for watering with longer reach
Spray Pattern Soft shower spray
Frost protection Yes
On/off trigger Yes
Lock Yes
Water flow can be shut off Yes
Water quantity can be regulated Yes

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