GARDENA Comfort Hanging Basket Wand
Perfect for gently watering plants especially in hanging baskets

Hard-to-reach hanging baskets and plants can be watered with ease and accuracy using the GARDENA Comfort Hanging Basket Spray Wand with its tiltable spray head. With its total length of 90 centimetres including a 12 position 200° tiltable head, it is perfect for watering in hard-to-reach places and has a choice of bubble-jet and gentle soft spray. Its ergonomic design with flow control & trigger lock allows for comfortable one-handed operation. Its soft plastic ring on the head protects from damage and it has a practical top loop for easy storage.

Technical specifications

Use Ideal for watering hanging baskets or (potted) plants in the distance
Spray Pattern Soft shower spray, Bubble jet spray
Frost protection Yes
On/off trigger Yes
Lock Yes
Water flow can be shut off Yes
Water quantity can be regulated Yes

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