GARDENA Premium High-Level Pulse Sprinkler
For irrigating higher plants

The High-Level Pulse Sprinkler with folding sprinkler tripod is a sturdy helper when taller plants are to be irrigated. Set up, it is approx. 100 cm high. The mating thread to which the sprinkler head is screwed has a diameter of 21 mm (G 1/2). The sprinkler head is made of a robust metal and plastic combination. This makes it very stable. On the adjustment rings, you can easily set the sector to be irrigated with fine range selection from 25° to 360°. The selected sector can be well viewed from these adjustment rings at any time. The high-precision brass nozzle supports precise distribution of the water. With the large, easy-to-use rotary knob, you can set the range. This can be set from 10 m to maximum 25 m. An area from 75 m² to maximum 490 m² can be irrigated. Taller plants can be irrigated without problems.

Technical specifications

Article data
Area coverage 807.3-5274.3 square ft / 75-490 m²
Range of Spray Ø 32.8-82 feet / 10-25 m

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